Parris Island, SC

My son just graduated from Marine Corps boot camp, so we were in South Carolina this past week for the graduation ceremony.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for sightseeing but I did get some good images on the base and of the ceremony.  Here is one of the better ones.

Captain USMC -- Nikon D200 Sigma 70-200mm HSM f2.8 lens, f8 @ 1/1000, iso 400 Copyright @ 2011, Adrian M. Benson

The graduation ceremony is quite impressive and if you’ve never been to one and have the chance, I’d encourage you to go.  I’m a 22 year veteran of the Navy, so most of it wasn’t new to me and even I was impressed.  If nothing else it’s encouraging to see the kind of men and women our country can produce.  (Not the kind you read about in the news or see on reality tv.)