Snakes, oh my!

Did you ever take a day to go out shooting and at the end of the day, got home, downloaded your memory card…and didn’t find a single image that you’d be willing to show someone else?  Happened to me yesterday.  Granted I wasn’t out the whole day, only a couple of hours, and in that time I only made about 70 or so images.  But still out of that there should be something I’d be happy to show you here, but there wasn’t.

So instead I present this picture, made at a much warmer time.  These fellows are Northern Water Snakes (I think they are anyway, I’m no herpetologist).  The shot was taken at the grist mill on the grounds of Longfellow’s Wayside Inn.  And yes, it is the very inn from the poem “Tales of a Wayside Inn”.  If you’re ever visiting Massachusetts, you owe it to yourself to visit and have dinner at the inn; it’s one of my favorite places to go.

Copyright @ 2012 by Adrian M. Benson Nikon D200 f4 @ 1/60 sec ISO 100. Sigma f2.8 70-200mm HSM lens @ 200mm Image cropped in Photoshop Elements 10, no other alterations.