Brace yourselves, Christmas lights are coming…

That title is hilarious if you’re familiar with the meme.

Very few of the houses in my neighborhood (including my own at the moment) have light displays this year.  This is different from past years and I don’t know why.  People do seem to be less happy and enthusiastic this year in general though.

Anyway, because of that, no pictures of lights yet.  However, if you are going to be going out light peeping follow the below link for some quick, easy to follow tips on how to take great pictures of Christmas lights.

How to photograph Christmas Lights

The link will take you to the Strobist website.  The site is maintained by David Hobby who has fast become one of my favorite people since I discovered his blog a few years ago.  Photography is all about the light, and David will teach you (if you read all of his blog) all you need to know to use light well.  For free.  And using real people language (no inverse square laws there).  Even better he tells you how to do it using relatively inexpensive gear, hot shoe flashes mostly.  If you have any interest in lighting and especially if you know nothing about lighting, you should be a regular reader of Strobist.